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Safe Driving Tips

Toongabbie Ute & Truck Rentals is very specific about Safe Driving. Your safety matters to us the most. You will find all the necessary information on our Utes and Trucks, how to use them and what to expect. You will also find Safe Driving Tips here.

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Check Your Hired Vehicle

By now, you know our Utes and Trucks are well maintained and are thoroughly cleaned. Even then, when you first select the desired vehicle- Ute or Truck- make sure you inspect it as well.

An inspection requires your attention on:

  • The brake
  • The gear
  • The steering wheel
  • Engine
  • Battery
  • Water level
  • The fuel level (this is important)
  • Check if the air con is working
  • Check if the tyres have enough air

Drive Safely

We know you know the road rules. We know you don’t have demerit points. But we also know you don’t drive a Ute or a Truck regularly. For some, you have never driven a Ute or a Truck before.

  • Rule #1: When you are driving such a vehicle for the first time, try to understand the Ute or the Truck first. Start driving around your neighbourhood. Get accustomed to the features. Only drive on the main roads once you are confident of handling the vehicle properly.
  • Rule #2: A Ute or a Truck is a heavy motor. Hard braking can lead to skidding. A heavy motor can take longer to turn. Always keep your speed in check. A slower speed can make turning easier.
  • Rule #3: Load your items carefully. Do not overload. Lock the cage gate properly. Ensure no item is sticking out of the vehicle.
  • Rule #4: Do not drive if you feel tired. Take rest. Switch driving between yourself and your partner if possible.

Safety Measures

Safety measures are not only based on safe driving. Proper safety measure requires scanning and staying alert when you are leaving and entering your neighbourhood. A good precaution is to drive slowly when you are entering a new neighbourhood. Do not reverse your Ute or Truck for long.

Make Plans Before Moving in Toongabbie

Planning is one of the most crucial parts of moving. Fix a date and time of your actual shifting. A favourite time to move is on weekends. If you target weekdays, avoid peak hours. Get familiarized with your route before shifting.

Road Rules

At Toongabbie Ute & Truck Rentals, we are specific that you obey the road rules properly. If there is any fine, you are liable to pay.

Weather Condition

Weather plays another vital part in shifting. You have to take precaution for every weather condition. During summer, ensure you are hydrated. During rainy days, drive slowly. Use the wiper as frequently as possible.

Avoid driving at night. Remember, you are driving a heavy vehicle that you have not driven before.

On Shifting Day

On your shifting day, start early. It takes time to load furniture and other household items in the Ute or Truck. There is a possibility you have to make 2 to 3 trips. Allow extra time in hand. Park the vehicle closer to the door.

  • Make sure you are not the only one carrying the load. Allow others to stack the items in the vehicle.
  • Bring your friends to help you.
  • Wear gloves when you are handling heavy items.
  • While loading, separate the fragile boxes from the rest.

Follow our Moving Tips for a better packing.

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