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Returning Utes & Trucks

Returning Your Vehicle

Returning Ute & Trucks to Toongabbie Ute & Truck Rentals has never been more easy.

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At Toongabbie Ute & Truck Rentals, we maintain a strict vehicle return policy. We would advise you to follow our rules before hiring and returning our Ute or Truck.

For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.

Scan the Ute or Truck Before Hiring from Toongabbie

Before you confirm your lease to us, ensure you have thoroughly scanned your preferred Ute or Truck. Scanning involves:

  • The fuel- how much petrol or diesel has been fuelled
  • The battery- whether it requires coolant or not
  • See if the engine needs oil
  • If the tyres are aired properly
  • How efficiently the brake works
  • The head lights beam satisfactorily

Every Ute and Truck from Toongabbie Ute & Truck Rentals is completely cleaned. We are very specific in producing well maintained and clean Utes and Trucks for Rentals.

Do a quick scan on the air conditioner. All our vehicles are fully air conditioned. Make sure it is working properly.

If you find any issues with any of our Ute or Truck, notify our staff immediately. At Toongabbie Ute & Truck Rentals, we guarantee to provide you with the best customer service.

Return a Clean Ute or Truck

Before returning the Ute or Truck, consider the next customers who will be using the vehicle. At Toongabbie Ute & Truck Rentals, we care about the hygiene and the cleanliness of our rented vehicles. You should return the Ute or Truck in the exact same condition as you have received it in.

Refill with Proper Fuel

One of the most important scans involves the fuel. Our Utes run on petrol and our Trucks run on diesel. Check the level of petrol or diesel before you drive. When you return the vehicle, ensure that the same amount of fuel is refilled.

We have records of everything related to our Ute and Truck. If you fail to refuel the tank, we will charge additional fees per the extra km travelled.


No cash is accepted in Toongabbie Ute & Truck Rentals. All our invoices should be paid through credit cards. You are liable to pay for all the tolls or any other additional charges. This includes fines if applicable. All payments are paid at the beginning. If any charges or rates are pending, can be paid on the returning day.

For damages caused, if any, must be paid accordingly.

We have No Refund Policy. Returning the rented Ute or Truck before the date involves no refunding. Your rent remains the same.

Remunerations are cleared on the first day. Toongabbie Ute & Truck Rentals does not accept late fees.

Be Punctual

We adhere to strict rule about being punctual. We have many customers queuing for the Ute or Truck you have hired. You have to return the vehicle on the proper date. If you are unable to return the hired Ute or Truck on the given date, we will charge extra fees.

We think about your feasibility. We have allocated different timings for your benefit. You can now hire from us for:

  • 2 hour
  • 3 hour
  • 4 hour
  • A day
  • Over the weekends (minimum all day)

The rates are distributed according to the timings. We have Weekend Special Packages. If you want, we can tailor a suitable package for you.

Our Utes and Trucks must be picked up by 4pm to 4.30pm and returned back by 7am the following morning.

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